6 new winners given ANC film grants

abs-cbnNEWS.com | 01/13/2010 6:17 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Local filmmakers will be given a chance to show the world their vision for the country this 2010 elections through ANC’s “Ambisyon 2010” film project.

“Ambisyon 2010” brings together 20 filmmakers, 14 of whom are already established names in Philippine cinema, with the aim of producing short films that tackle pressing national issues like poverty, population control, education, health, and others.

The 14 slots under the film project were allotted to Cannes awardees Brillante Mendoza and Raymond Red, Kiri Dalena, Ditsi Carolino, Jade Castro, Emmanuel Dela Cruz, Henry Frejas, mainstream directors Jeffrey Jeturian and Erik Matti, Ellen Ramos, Jerrold Tarog, John Torres and Paolo Villaluna.

Six other slots were left up for grabs to interested applicants.

Out of over 80 applicants who submitted their film ideas, the 6 finalists were chosen by a panel of judges composed of ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs executive Maria Ressa, film critic Erwin Romulo and cinema figure Clodualdo del Mundo Jr.

ANC producers Patricia Evangelista and Villaluna, who came up with “Ambisyon 2010”, announced on Tuesday the names of 6 “newbie” filmmakers who won film grants under the project.

The winners include:

* Anna Matutina
* Pam Miras
* Aissa Peñafiel
* Emerson Reyes
* Gym Lumbera
* McRobert Nacario

Each grantee will receive P30,000– barely enough to make a 4 to 8 minute short film.

Villaluna says this means the film projects is more of an advocacy than a profit-generating activity for filmmakers.

‘Omnibus project’

Evangelista said the applicants were selected based on their film concepts and reels (a collection of their previous work).

Most of the winners had day jobs and professions unrelated to filmmaking.

Though many joined “Ambisyon 2010” on a lark, Evanglista said they found many artistic gems that showed the creators’ fresh perspectives on issues.

“McRobert Nacario, for example. He comes from Davao and is an indie filmmaker. From what I heard, his camera’s not fantastic but his eyes are superb,” she said. “So I think what we were looking for was really independent voices.”

Villaluna said they prized an applicant’s ability to tell a story through visual means.

“What we were looking for was their ability to tell a story more than the concept or the story itself. Apparently, the 6 are really good storytellers,” he said.

“You have to understand that these are very relevant times and people forget that cinema is one of the very importanty avenues for communication,” he added. “These are the better storytellers of our time. These storytellers have stories to tell. And what perfect venue than short films?”

In the end, Evangelista said they ended up with a “mixed bag” of filmmakers for the collaborative project.


Though a majority of the filmmakers under “Ambisyon 2010” are young, Villaluna said the message their short films will convey span all ages.

“It’s for anyone who wants to watch,” he said.

“Ambisyon 2010” aims to critique the country’s socio-political landscape, but at the same time tries to offer a message of hope and inspiration.

“There is that intention of inspiring the viewer to be part of the change that is supposed to happen. We want to be agents of that change,” Villaluna said.

Each filmmaker have their existing beliefs and advocacies, but were allowed to choose one of 10 national issues identified by the “Ambisyon 2010” producers.

The filmmakers ranked the top 3 issues that they claimed to be passionate about and, as Evangelista shared, each “got what they wanted.”

The participants are expected to send in their official short film reels at the end of February.

Clips of these films will be aired on ABS-CBN on March 7, along with interviews with the filmmakers. The films will also be screened at a red carpet premiere at the end of March.

The producers hope the films’ messages will resonate with the public all the way to May 2010. (abs-cbnNEWS.com)

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