20 filmmakers. 10 issues. 20 short films.

It is a nation that lives by its stories: housewives living through the eight pm soap opera, teenagers who toss meager allowances on movie tickets, the audience that shakes its head over the daily news. AmBisyon is about the dreams of a nation, the vision of a future in the context of a country locked in poverty. It is about hope, possibility, truth—through the lenses of those who tell its stories.

In amBisyon2010, the Abs-cbn News Channel brings together twenty independent filmmakers who will tackle their version of the state of the nation. Corruption, Democracy, Economy Education, Environment, Health, Justice and Human Rights, Population, Poverty and Security: these are the issues that will determine who will take on the national leadership in the elections of 2010.

On a budget of P30,000, each filmmaker will produce a short film that pictures their vision of the nation after 2010. The films will have their theater premiere in late February of 2010, three months before the national elections. For ten weeks after, ANC will air the short films in weekly prime time episodes, together with behind the scenes interviews with the filmmakers.

amBisyon2010 brings together the dreams of a nation—and the possibility of change.

Ikaw, ano ang ambisyon mo?

Directed and edited by Jason Tan
Produced by Patricia Evangelista
Cinematography by Mackie Galvez
Music by Malek Lopez
Performance and words by Lourd de Veyra

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