October 30, 2011

The waves that the October winds bring have made its call on its faithful disciples. And they came flocking to the tip of Eastern Samar to show their respect. It’s “Swell Season!” Filipinos from different surfing spots in the country are all eyes on the Pacific side of sleepy Calicoan Island, pitching their tents at the beach, bonding over bottles of beer, doing what they do best— waiting for a moment with their perfect wave.

Surfer Paolo Soler introduces Reel Time audiences to the world of surfing like no other insider. Surfing is not just about the sport- it is a world of its own! And now locals of Calicoan Island are starting to look into the promise of surfing. Among the hopefuls for this year’s competition are the island’s best bets: Cindy Balbuena and Alvin Marquito. Both surfers learned their skill by practicing on surfboards donated to the community by foreign surfers.

For Paul-Paul, Cindy’s 10 year-old brother, the sea is his playground. As he switches between his shy and gentle smile and his quick and energetic surftricks, elder surfers of Calicoan put their hopes high on this 4-footer. But it is not all play and competition. What Charlie Balansay considers “home” is the hut which is headquarters for Calicoan’s Surf Club. Here, young and old surfers alike share their passion for the waves.  For Charlie, every day is a day for surfing, whether or not he is out there at the waves.

How will these locals fare against experienced surfers of Siargao, La Union and Quezon? Find out more about surfing, the highs and lows of riding a wave, and the bond between surfers on this Reel Time documentary hosted by Paolo Soler.

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