September 16, 2011

Last month Kara David immersed with the homeless for three days in her documentary “Silong”.

She spent time with the street children. She ate, played and laughed with them.

She discovered that even though there were hard times these kids managed to become upright with the help of their loving mother.

–But this was just the better side of the story.

“Mac-Mac”and “Roy”, both 14, live in the streets of Guadalupe, Makati. Both of them are now in the custody of the Makati Social Welfare Department for allegedly stealing from taxi drivers passing EDSA.

These kids are called “batang hamog” by officials. Police say they are street children who are organized in committing petty crimes.

Minors allegedly involved in these street crimes appear to have mastered the art of theft. They are nimble in finding escape routes. They elude officials who are after them.

But as Kara David and her team discover, there is more to the story than what we know from the now viral surveillance camera footage showing minors thieving from unsuspecting drivers.

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