July 18, 2011

Rio Tuba was once a peaceful barangay in the southern part of Palawan .

Until a suspect began to kill and inflict fear among the residents. The latest victim of this killer was Edwin Lucero. His feet and legs were separated from his body and his face was almost unrecognizable.

The eye witness of the gruesome killing was Edwin’s brother Ilan. Ilan vowed to track down the murderer but according to him it will be tough task because the suspect is powerful than ten men, a trained assassin and a born predator…

The unlikely killer – a crocodile.

At first, residents of Rio Tuba complained of missing farm animals but the death of Edwin Lucero pushed them to ask the help of the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center to search and capture this “killer crocodile”.

Kara David joins the search in an actual wild goose chase along the nooks and crannies of Rio Tuba’s river systems and mangroves, setting traps for the intruder. But as they pursue the crocodile, secrets hidden in Rio Tuba are unraveled.

Why does the croc lurk near the residences and not in its proper dwelling? Is this the real crocodile that killed Edwin Lucero or is there a real unseen predator hiding in Rio Tuba?


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