October 18, 2010

Forced to live under the shadow of another Mangyan Tribe, for years the Bangons escaped notice from the lowlanders. They retreated to the mountains of Mindoro and avoided modern influence.

As more and more lowlanders explored the hinterlands, things drastically changed and threatened the traditional ways of these elusive people. With no other place to run to, they are slowly forced to assimilate and accept modern influence.

However, things were not easy for the Bangons. The desire to hold on to their own culture has made them the target of discrimination from those who know little of them. This has forced some to accept new ways of life and slowly let go of their unique and colorful tradition. The few who remain steadfast in staying true to their culture are said to have retreated even deeper into the mountains.

Kara David attempts to locate this elusive group and uncovers the true meaning of being Bangon.

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