June 20, 2011

Tourists once flocked to the crystal caves of Baguio. But that was before. Now, it seems that the famous area has been wiped out of the list of must-see spots because of the mysterious phenomena that has been baffling the residents of Bakakeng Central.

Wide cracks on the floors all the way up to the ceiling appeared in many houses. The concrete roads and even the soil surrounding the houses started to sink.

The caves are natural drainage for mountainous areas. But in Baguio City’s case, the crystal caves are now being used as the city’s common drainage. In the event of heavy rainfall, too much water will run inside the channels. The multiple growths of sinkholes were allegedly caused by trapped water between the caves and the top soil. The problem is aggravated because of the houses built on top.

Kara David investigates what really causes these massive sinkholes in Barangay Bakakeng Central. In the process, she meets people who are trying to save what is left of the caves.

It is now race to save both the community and the caves. But as Kara David traverses the underground channels, she is faced with the stark truth – saving the community might mean killing the caves while saving the caves means relocating hundreds to safer ground.

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