November 21, 2011

As a journalist, Kara David has been everywhere in the Philippines. She has already conquered the highest peaks and traversed some of the farthest barrios.

This Monday Kara continues to go deeper into the country’s terrain. This time, her mission is to uncover the mystery of one of the deepest caves in the country.

“Ang Mundo sa Ilalim” will feature a dangerous cave known as “Robin’s Cave” in Las Navas, Samar.

The cave was discovered in 2004 and was found to have a depth of 161 meters, just two meters short of the recorded deepest cave found in Sagada, Mountain Province.

But in 2006 Italian spelunkers learned that it might break the record set by the Sagada cave as new passages were revealed.

Today, the spelunkers are back in Samar and Kara David joins their exploration.

Are the mysteries of “Robin’s Cave” ready to be unravelled?

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