Back to back screening at the Cinemalaya Film Festival 2012

IMIK by Anna Isabelle Matutina and TUKSO by Raz dela Torre will have its Philippine premiere at the Cinemalaya film festival on July 28, 2012, 9:00 pm, CCP Dream Theater.

IMIK synopsis

Imik is the story of Claire – wife to a loving husband, mother to two lovely kids, and she has never had an orgasm. Embarrassment, guilt, and a fear of her own desires have made her sexual relationship with her husband a constant struggle. These days, Claire’s only relief is being back in the workforce after having been a housewife for years.

Until one day, Claire suddenly finds herself pregnant again.

Coupled with her unfulfilled desires as a woman, Claire’s fear of going back to the life she had before leads her to desperately find a moment of freedom from the role she cannot escape.

Cast: Mercedes Cabral, Paolo Rodriguez, Monique Obligacion, Zernan Mataya, Rose Galvez, Cris Sto. Domingo, Luigi Alvaro Matutina, Joaquin Mistral Haravata

Watch the trailer

TUKSO synopsis

All her life, Mayette believed that sex should only happen within marriage. However, try as she might, she never succeeded in pushing it out of her mind. Especially when she looks around, everyone seems to be doing ‘it’ – her friends, her colleagues, even her juvenile students. Everyone… except her.

When a recent spate of teenage pregnancies alarms the principal of the public high school where Mayette teaches Biology, she is tasked to incorporate sex education into her lesson. The problem is, at 32, Mayette is still a virgin.

How on earth can she teach her students about sex when she herself has never been with a man?

Cast: Ethel Pantino, Joem Bascon, Maricar de Mesa, John Manalo, Debraliz, Allan Paule, rose Nadalusan, Amante Pulido, Mary Anne dela Torre

Watch behind-the-scenes clips

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