LAKBAY KOREA: Mula Ilalim Hanggang Tuktok

October 22, 2012

Advanced technology, hyperdeveloped cityscapes, smartphones on every corner—these are the common symbols of South Korean wealth. Industrial development is a point of pride for South Korea, which bounced back from the devastation of the Korean War to become one of the most affluent countries in Asia.

But beyond the glitter of Seoul lies another, quieter wonder: Jeju Island. Located southwest from the mainland, the rocky, volcanic island has been protected by the government and Jeju locals themselves—creating an oasis where natural rock formations and old-world culture take center stage.

In this episode of ‘I-Witness,’ Kara David journeys to Jeju Island to meet its people, immerse herself in their culture, and summit Hallasan, the highest peak in all of South Korea and crown jewel of Jeju Island. There, she finds that a country’s wealth cannot be measured simply in terms of finances and tall buildings, but in its heritage and history.

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