December 17, 2012

In the third installment of the month-long Food Special of I-Witness, Kara David travels to South Korea to discover the colorful story of its people through their food.

Kara’s food adventure takes her to the streets of Seoul where she tries her hand at making kimchi, South Korea’s national dish. Every year, Koreans hold a kimchi festival in Guangju City to celebrate the contribution of kimchi to South Korea’s culture.

During the time of royalties, three types of kimchi were served to the king. Until now, kimchi is present in almost every meal of most Koreans.

Kara also visits Changdeokgung Palace, where the popular Koreanovela “Jewel in the Palace” was filmed. And as she visits the Institute of Traditional Korean Food, she learns to prepare the dishes enjoyed by past royalties.

Catch Kara David as she gets a taste of Korea’s finest in “SAY KIMCHI!”

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