March 8, 2014

Roads are indicators of a progressive community.  It makes a community more accessible to other areas, thus, providing better opportunities for trading and other exchanges.

In the mountains of Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro, Mangyans are able to reach the market through foot trails. They trek the mountains for hours with their crop baskets strapped to their heads. Here, transporting goods is through their most basic form of transport: their feet. But there is a faster route to reach the market — through the Bongabong River.  Using the river’s wild rapids to their advantage, several Mangyan boys use rubber floaters and bamboo rafts to deliver goods so they can make it on time to market day.

Watch as Kara David joins a group of Mangyan boys on a river adventure, and gets a glimpse into what “all in a day’s work” means for them.


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