April 5, 2014

Honey played an important role in early human civilizations. Not only was it a source of sugar, it was also used as medicine and a medium of exchange in the olden times.

The people in the far barangay of Sallapadan, Abra has long practiced harvesting honey from the bounty of their forests. Here, their ancestors have depended on earnings from the sweet golden liquid. And many decades later, honey is still a product that they can depend on.

In this community, brothers Charlie Boy and Edrian Bangngayen have much to look forward to this summer. It marks their graduation from elementary and high school. It also ushers in the honey season. With determination, Charlie Boy lights up his torch and approaches a hive covered with thousands of bees. Without any mask or protective clothing between him and this swarm of bees, the 17-year-old only has the torch’s smoke to defend him from bee stings. But what is all this hard work for?



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