January 13, 2013

The sea is a friend for 12-year-old Joshua Catalan. Every day, he swims into the waters of Anda, Pangasinan. With his nimble body, he collects whatever he could find underwater: sea cucumber, abalone, sea urchins, and shells. The sea can be dangerous for a boy like Joshua  but he knows he can depend on it.

For Abel, Joshua’s older brother, the sea is his workplace. This is his place of toil, through the biting cold, through strong currents and tough winds. There are mouths to feed from his earnings from the sea. Life has been like this since their father passed away. Abel and the rest of his eight siblings are orphans. But more than being an orphan, the young man is now father to his younger brothers and sisters. They have nobody else to depend but Abel.

For Abel and Joshua, the sea is their refuge from life’s hardships. Will these waters continue to be kind to them?

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