Katorse Shorts special screening at the CCP Little Theater

1 July 2008 | 7:41 AM

Due to insistent public demand, the Katorse Writers Group, a collective of young writer-filmmakers who were part of Ricky Lee’s 14th scriptwriting workshop, will be having another special screening of their short films at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Little Theater on July 17, 6:15 P.M. after a successful run last month at Robinsons Galleria.

Katorse Shorts, as they are more commonly known, showcase short films with themes ranging from the romantic to the absurd to the tragic – a program that is meant to bring to the consciousness of the Filipino audience the short film as a form that can hold its own.

Headlining the program, which is part of the fourth Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival, is Richard Legaspi’s “Ambulancia” (Ambulance), grand prize winner of the Viva – Pinoy Box Office (PBO) Digitales 2 short film competition and the best short narrative at the first Quisumbing-Escandor Film Festival for Health. It was previously screened in competition at the fifth Naoussa International Film Festival in Greece this year and exhibited at the Asian Film Academy 2007 Fellows Night in South Korea and ninth Cinemanila International Film Festival last year. It will compete next at the 10th International Panorama of Film and Video in Patras City, Greece and at the 32nd Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt in Germany and will be shown in the Informative Section of the Pyongyang International Film Festival in North Korea.

Showing again with Legaspi’s film are similar award-winning and internationally screened shorts such as Ogi Sugatan’s “Ang Kapalaran ni Virgin Mario” (The Fate of Virgin Mario), Grace Orbon’s “Dead Letter,” Seymour Barros Sanchez’s “Lababo” (Kitchen Sink), John Wong’s “Manyika” (Doll), and Anna Isabelle Matutina’s “Walong Linggo” (Eight Sundays).

However, compared to its week-long Indie Sine screenings, the line-up will include two new selections from the group, Matutina’s “Ika-siyam na Palapag” (Ninth Floor) and Sanchez’s “Pagbugtaw” (Waking Up), which is part of “Guimaras: Short Films on the Oil Spill.”

“Ika-siyam na Palapag” tells the story of a young woman’s futile attempt to reach the father of his unborn child while she wrestles with the idea of abortion. It won third best short film at the 19th Gawad CCP Para sa Alternatibong Pelikula at Bidyo and also competed at the Creteil International Women’s Film Festival in France and Malescorto International Short Film Festival in Italy. It was also exhibited at the Jakarta Slingshort Festival in Indonesia and 7th Cinemanila.

Matutina’s “Puwang” (Space Between), which was originally part of the Robinsons Galleria Indie Sine line-up, will be screened instead as part of the Cinemalaya 2006 Shorts B on July 18, 12:45 P.M. at the CCP Silangan Hall. In addition, other Katorse short films, namely “Blood Bank” by Pam Miras and “Panaginipan” (The Dreaming), also by Matutina, will be shown on July 16, 12:45 P.M. at the same venue as part of Cinemalaya 2005 Shorts.

Tickets to the screenings cost P50 to students and P100 otherwise. For more information about the short films and the filmmakers, please visit the group’s website at katorseshorts.wordpress.com.

Dark, intriguing short films

* Spoiler alert! Probably one of the stupidest plugs I’ve ever seen. They practically wrote the entire story of both shorts.

Dark, intriguing short films
Malaya, Entertainment section
October 26, 2006

FEATURED in the TV program “Shorts” tonight at 10 on ABC are two short film both directed by young filmmaker Anna Isabelle “Sunshine” Matutina who has exhibited and won accolades both here and in film festivals abroad. She has edited extensively for “Ang Pamilyang Kumakain ng Lupa” (feature film directed by Khavn dela Cruz), “Blood Bank” (directed by Pam Miras), “ICU Bed #7” (directed by Jon Red, finalist in CinemaOne Originals), “Dilim” (directed by Topel Lee, finalist in CiinemaOne Originals), and many other short and feature-length films. She currently works as a freelance editor in television networks.

The first film, “Panaginipan” was a finalist in Cinemalaya 2005, while the second film, “Ika-Siyam na Palapag” was exhibited in the 7th Cinemanila International Film Festival and competed in the 28th International Women’s Film Festival of Creteil, France and in the Malescorto Film Festival in Italy 2006.

Get into the dark side of Sunshine’s mind and sensibilities as “Panaginipan” explores the story of two young women: Mona who is cold and unfeeling and Sarah who is bright and bubbly, but vulnerable in her relationships with men. The two friends, though with diametrically opposed personalitites, are united in their wish to escape life. Together they think up different ways of dying, until one day Sarah comes up with the perfect proposition, they just have to force themselves to stop breathing while they are asleep. Sarah wakes up one morning to discover that Mona seems to have been successful in dying by holding her breath. However, she also discovers a more horrifying truth about their situation and finds herself caught between reality and madness.

In “Ika-Siyam na Palapag,” a young woman climbs flight after flight of stairs, her stomach growing larger with each flight. By the time she reaches the ninth floor, she is fully pregnant. She is trying to call out to a young man, seemingly her lover, across another building, but as she ascends to the ninth floor she discovers the young man has another family. She struggles to climb higher and eventually gives birth on the rooftop of the building. Upon giving birth, she leans over to the side with her baby in her arms; seemingly about to throw her child away – when she suddenly wakes up on the bathroom floor, her hands bloodied. Did she or did she not kill her child? Two intriguing fims in one night which is a must-see treat for indie pelikula aficionados from ABC, Thursday at 10 pm.

Celebrating woman in film: Kamalayang Kababaihan

6th International Women’s Film Festival. (2006)

Cine Adarna of the UP Film Institute hosted the only women’s film festival of its kind in the Philippines from March 1 to 8, coinciding with the celebration of National Women’s Month in March and International Women’s Day on March 8.

The week-long festival, with the theme Kamalayang Kababaihan, featured films by women on women. The festival recognizes and celebrates women filmmakers who have made significant inroads in presenting alternative visions for both men and women.

Screened over the week-long festival were Connie and Susan, Relasyon (Affair), Mga Pusang Gala (Stray Cats), The Piano, Sepet (Chinese Eyes), Sancharam (The Journey), Manola Coge el Autobús (Manola Gets the Bus), Para Que no Me Olvides (Remember Me), and the special advanced screening of the acclaimed movie North Country by Niki Caro, featuring Oscar winners Charlize Theron and Frances McDormand.

To mark its 16th year celebration, the festival added the short film and video competition to extend its objective of furthering women’s consciousness. For this first endeavor, the IWFF had distinguished female personalities Brenda Fajardo, Marra Pl. Lanot, Avic Ilagan and Ellen Ramos as panel of judges. The films in competition were Candice Marie García’s Ahon (Rise), Anna Isabelle Matutina’s Panaginipan (The Dreaming) and Ika-Siyam na Palapag (Ninth Floor), Lina Bayu Fibriani’s Menepis Gengsi Meraih Mimpi (Catching the Dream), Giselle Ordinario and Regina Rebasa’s Paglipat (Moving On), Rina Khoury’s \m/, Antoinette-Mae Herrera and Jemima de Vera’s Tulog Na (Tonight, I Slumber), El Naggar’s Met’ahara (Late), Anna Charis R. Raya’s Trip to Quinawan, Precious Ann Tayog’s Revolt of the Hymen, Julie Celebre’s Talyer (Car Mechanic), Judy Anne Buenaventura’s Ang Mahiwagang Tsinelas ni Chenelyn (Chenelyn’s Mysterious Slippers), Francesca Balaguer’s SHErachi & Manhattan Rolls, Lai del Rosario’s Happy Birthday Fiji!, Nadine Khan’s Wahed Fi El Million (One in a Million), Dianne Carla Sibal and Ma. Ranina Sanglap’s Piring (Blindfold), Muselli Loise Cruz and Joan Jelica López’s Sibuyas (Onions), and Rianne Hill I. Soriano’s Karsel (Prison).


Ika-Siyam Na Palapag (Ninth Floor)

3rd Place: Ika-19 Gawad CCP Para Sa Alternatibong Pelikula
In Competition: 6th International Women’s Film Festival (Philippines)
In Competition: 28th International Women’s Film Festival of Cretèil, France
In Competiton: Malescorto International Film Festival (Italy)
Official Selection: Jakarta Slingshorts 2006
Screened: Pelikula At Lipunan 2005
In Exhibition: Cinemanila International Film Festival 2005


Short Narrative / 2004 / Colour / 13 min / Philippines


Ninth Floor is the story of a young woman’s futile attempt to reach the father of her unborn child while she wrestles with the idea of abortion.

Song: “Wish” by MUTYA BOSE

2007 3rd Place, 19th Gawad CCP para sa Alternatibong Pelikula at Bidyo
2006 in Competition, 28th International Women’s Film Festival of Cretèil, France
2006 In Competition, Malescorto International Film Festival, Italy
2006 In Competition, 6th International Women’s Film Festival, Philippines
2006 Official Selection, Jakarta Slingshorts, Indonesia
2005 Official Selection, Cinemanila International Film Festival, Philippines
2005 Official Selection, Pelikula at Lipunan Film Festival, Philippines

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